Anybody attend Lisa Loeb’s All-Request, Fan-Favorite Online Concert on September 27th? Well, yes, of course I did. This online show was somewhat unique compared to previous online shows. You were able to vote for the songs Lisa played (from a provided list). Unfortunately, most of the songs I voted for were not selected, but that’s all right I suppose. They used Ustream for the streaming of the concert. In my opinion, it was pretty terrible. Ads ran 2-3 times in the middle of Lisa’s performance, and they weren’t just small ads near the bottom of the window - they actually took over the screen, so you could not see or hear Lisa. I’m hoping they will consider using StageIt again for future online shows. Despite the ads and technical difficulties at the beginning (no audio for the first song), it was a fun time. Here’s the set list:

? (audio issues - not a good lip reader, hehe)
Wishing Heart
Falling In Love
Do You Sleep
Stay (most requested - surprise!)
Waiting For Wednesday
I Do
Drunk & I Won’t Remember (written by Dan Seiden)

I was a little surprised that Lisa didn’t perform at least one new song from the upcoming album, “No Fairy Tale”. I’m thinking she was kinda hungry (veggie dogs on the mind). She did respond to fan questions after the show via Twitter (#LisaLoebChat). I made sure to ask the all important cat question (seen above). It sounds like Lisa’s cats are doing just fine. 

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