I’m pretty terrible at updating this thing. The last post was in…May?! Haha… Quite a lot has happened in Loeb World since May if you think about it. Lisa and band, Nine Stories, went on a quick Japanese tour (see sound check photo above). I think I’d have better odds of seeing them perform nearby if I moved to Japan.

Another crazy thing that happened since May - the epic song, “Stay (I Missed You)” celebrated its 20th anniversary recently! 20 Y E A R S. This makes me feel a tad old. I was just a young teenager when I stumbled upon the music video for “Stay” on VH-1. I couldn’t help but follow Lisa around that empty New York apartment. And now, thinking back on it, it’s pretty odd to see Lisa Loeb singing without her guitar. I mean, what do you do with your hands? (see above)

TeamLL has been posting interesting tidbits of information about the song (and video) on Lisa Loeb’s twitter (@lisaloeb) the past few months. Did you know that little black dress worn in the video is not actually black? It’s forest green. :D

Help Lisa Loeb win 20 Something Magazine’s favorite 90s musician tournament! Vote HERE.


90s lisa loeb in an adorable plaid dress

i have no idea who the girl on the left is but i think she’s wearing betsey johnson / the outfit of my dreams

It’s always fun discovering random Lisa photos that you’ve never seen before. I’m quite sure that’s Lisa’s sister, Debbie, on the left.


Lisa Loeb wearing a leather and leopard baby-doll dress in 1994


Lisa Loeb’s Treasure Custodian turned 1 today!

(Source: assets)

New Tour Dates!

A few new tour dates were just announced:

April 23rd - Davenport, IA
April 24th - Cedar Falls, IA
April 25th - Bloomington, IL
May 21st - Bay Shore, NY
May 22nd - New York, NY (on sale now)


Lisa Loeb can add yet another item to her resume - game show host! Ha, check out Lisa as The Rider Challenge’s special guest host.

Lyla is all grown up (sort of)! :) Lisa Loeb recently posted a new blog entry for People’s Celebrity Baby Blog. Balls, music, and meat are mentioned, so you best go read it.


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